Tuesday 26 November 2013

Crossword Puzzle - November 2013 (Win a copy of Heritage of Deceit)

You know, I've been doing these crossword puzzles for a long time now, and I really hope you're enjoying them... Oh, who am I kidding? I love putting them together, and I would do them whether people tried to answer them or not!

Well, here's the November 2013 one:

1 Anteater (8)
7 Deadly virus, originating in Africa (5)
8 Twice a year (8)
9 Picasso (5)
12 Opposite of glossy (5)
16 Breed of freshwater fish (4)
17 Having two of something (4)
18 Bundle of sticks used for fuel (5)
21 An unpowered flight (5)
24 Existing within (8)
25 Of the moon (5)
26 Settle in a safe place (8)
1 Collection of songs (5)
2 Event to hurl insults at someone (5)
3 The place of an event (5)
4 Type of seaweed (4)
5 Where babies gestate (4)
6 A Mexican dish (4)
10 Before bravo (5)
11 Spanish for Lucius (5)
13 Declare invalid (5)
14 Drifted with the tide (5)
15 Young woman (3)
16 Taxi (3)
18 Pre-Euro currency of France (5)
19 Yellow and Blue (5)
20 Ten Percent (5)
21 A sea with a narrow mouth (4)
22 Is not (4)
23 Ireland (4)

Is this your first time here? Welcome!

How do you play, you ask? Well, you give this crossword puzzle a go, and when you think you've got it right, you send me your answers on Facebook or Twitter. You can send me a photo or scan of the completed puzzle, or you can just send me a list of your answers. However you get it to me, get it to me!

I'll be posting the answers to this blog on Tuesday, 3 December 2013 (and if you get them first before then, I'll mention you as the winner), so you have until then to get them to me.

Oh, and just to make things interesting, let's have a little wager. As many people now know (although you may not, if this is your first visit), my latest story, Heritage of Deceit will officially be released on Sunday, 1 December 2013. If you're the first to tweet or Facebook me the answers to this crossword puzzle before then, you'll get a free copy. How about that?

So what are you waiting for? Good luck, and get solving!

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Coming Soon: I am not Frazzle! And other stories for grown-ups

I mentioned in my newsletter last month, that I was busy writing a short story for an anthology which would be out by the end of the year. At that time, I wasn't able to divulge any more information than that. However, that situation has now changed!

The anthology is called "I am not Frazzle! And other stories for grown-ups". As the title implies, these stories are for adults (but they're absolutely not erotica, so get that out of your dirty little minds), but they all feature children and children's issues as important themes. It should be out by Christmas, and I'm pleased to announce that all proceeds from sale of this book will go to a local charity in the UK, called Devizes Opportunity Centre. Go check them out; I'm told that they do awesome work with kids with disabilities and other difficulties.

For this project, I'm really pleased to be in the company of some very talented authors, not to mention great people. The volume will contain the following stories:

  • "A Wish for Lucie" by Maria Miller
  • "I Am Not Frazzle!" By Darren Worrow
  • "Simon" by Dave Derby
  • "The Storekeeper" by Cecily Magnon
  • "Stingers" by Graham Downs (That's me!)
  • "The Beauty of Ugh" by Richelle E. Goodrich
  • "The Candy Vendor's Story" by Nancy Brooks
  • "Mirror Image" by Holly M. Kothe
At this moment, I must confess that I have no idea how much the final product is going to cost, but with such a fantastic line-up, I am very sure that you will not be feeling like you over-paid, should you buy this book!

Please consider supporting this worthy cause, by Liking the book's Facebook Page to stay up to date with new developments, interviews with the authors, and information about when and where it will be available as we get closer to release.

Oh, and while you're about it, don't forget to Like my Facebook Page as well. (That is, unless you already Like it, in which case, well done!)

One more thing: Don't forget that Heritage of Deceit releases on 1 December 2013. It's currently on pre-order, so reserve your copy today!

Update: To listen to me talking about this book (including mentioning one additional story that's been accepted since writing), click the Play button below:

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Marketing Your Book for Holiday Sales

I read about this book in The Creative Penn's newsletter the other week. It's a free book published by Lulu.com, and it's all about how to market your book, just in time for the Christmas season. You can get it free at http://success.lulu.com/.

Personally, it didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know. Some of these marketing tips I'm not yet doing, and some of them I am, but for the most part, it was a case of "same old, same old".

There is one exception, though. One of the things the book advises you to do is to include a link or page on your website, to make it easy for potential reviewers to request review copies of your book. I think this is a wonderful idea, and although I haven't had time to do it yet, it's definitely something I'll be considering.

Speaking of which, Heritage of Deceit is coming out on 1 December, and I'm looking for early reviewers. If you consider yourself an influentil reviewer of books, like thrillers, and are interested, pop me a mail to reviews@grahamdowns.co.za!

Tuesday 5 November 2013

Crossword Puzzle - October 2013 Answers

Hi, everyone! Welcome to November 2013. We're in the home stretch baby!

I assume that, by now, everybody knows of the pending release of my next book, Heritage of Deceit. In case you've been living under a rock for the past week, though, you should know that it's available for pre-order right now. See my Heritage of Deceit page, here on this blog.

Anyway, on to the answers for last month's crossword. Hope you had as much fun solving it as I did making it!