Tuesday 9 February 2021

Valentine's Day: Do You Love It or Hate It?

Valentine's Day, huh? Some love it, some hate it.

Let me ask you a question: have you ever been in love with someone who had no idea you existed? I'm talking head-over-heels infatuated, obsessed with them.

I know I have, and it hurt more than I can put into words.

Now, let me ask you this: did that person eventually start to notice you, talk to you, be nice to you? 

I bet that felt amazing. But how do you know they weren't just using you?

That's the dilemma that a young woman called Carla faces, in my romantic crime story, Heritage of Deceit. She's been desperately in love with one of her colleagues at the office for the longest time, and had finally resigned herself to the idea that it wasn't to be.

One day, he starts paying attention to her, seeking her out, even asking her on a date!

Of course, she's over the moon, but is there something more to his attention? Could it be that she just had something he wants, and he's using her affections for him to get his hands on it?

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