Tuesday 5 February 2013

February Crossword Puzzle

January's crossword puzzle turned out to be such a success, that I thought I'd do another.

I hope you enjoy solving this one as much as last month's. Once again, if you have the answers, you can tweet me @GrahamDowns. The first person with the correct answers will get a mention from me on this blog and Twitter.

Answers next week. Good luck!

This crossword was created by Graham Downs with EclipseCrossword - www.eclipsecrossword.com

34    5  6
7      8 
  9  10 
1112    13 
    1415  16 
17    1819         
20    21    2223    24
  26  27   
30  31  32


  1. A roller for moving textile fabric through a dyeing vat
  2. Rock containing minerals with metals
  3. IATA airline designator for Air Finland
  4. First name of leader of American grunge-metal band
  5. A painting
  6. Myself and I
  7. Song by Kaiser Chiefs
  8. A hole in the ground
  9. 2001 Novel by British author David Lodge
  10. An unpleasant or obnoxious person
  11. Sound of liquid being swallowed
  12. You lose it when you get angry
  13. Abbreviation for ampere-hour
  14. A cut of meat
  15. Document of citizenship
  16. Used to chop wood
  17. Supreme ruler of a monarchy


  1. A dynasty in Chinese history
  2. American pronounciation of the letter Z
  3. A long upholstered seat
  4. Synonym for us
  5. It has nine lives
  6. Football clubs in Blackburn and Tranmere
  7. Musical composition for two instruments
  8. Rodent with pointed snout
  9. The ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter
  10. The Internet domain for Bolivia
  11. The state of an unobstructed pawn (in chess)
  12. Meaning kept
  13. Weaken or subdue
  14. It lays eggs
  15. Female equivalent of knight
  16. A visual representation
  17. The fourteenth letter of the alphabet
  18. The US state of Nebraska

This crossword puzzle was created by Graham Downs with EclipseCrossword. Try it today—it's free!

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