Tuesday 16 April 2013

The Backward Approach to Ebook Success

I read a very interesting book over the weekend, called The Backward Approach to Ebook Success, by Ted Summerfield.

For the first couple of pages, I didn't think too much of it. It contained some useful information, but nothing I didn't already know. I felt that the author had a bit of a chip on his shoulder while writing it, and I didn't understand the title.

It got better! Basically, he is saying that you need to build your brand first, offer up some stuff for free, get people to know you, and then only consider publishing your first book for a fee. It's got some useful links to surveys and the terms and conditions of the various online ebook retailer sites, with explanations of how to interpret them.

Ted Summerfield speaks candidly about his experiences with publishing and selling his ebooks, and building his brand. He sets expectations for aspiring authors looking to make their millions overnight, and offers a fine introduction into the world in which we're all still exploring.

It's not a great read, but it's not terrible either. I have to say, I liked it, and if you've ever considered getting a book published, I think it'd be very useful to you!

While I'm about it, if you don't yet know about my fantasy short story, A Petition to Magic, go check it out! South Africans can buy the book, in Rands, directly from Kobo, here.

If you don't like Kobo for some reason, check out the links on this page. There you can buy A Petition to Magic on Smashwords, Booktango, and Amazon.

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