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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Crossword Puzzle - January 2014

Wow! Can you believe it's the end of January already? I hope you've had a not-too-stressful first month back at work. For those of you not yet at work, lucky you!

So here's the January 2014 crossword. Print it out, or save it as an image, and try and complete it. If you get it right, send it to me via either my Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ accounts. I'll be publishing the answers next Tuesday (4 February 2014). If I receive your correct answers before then, I'll immortalise you on this blog.

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Good luck!

And here are your clues:

1 Lots of skill in something (e.g. Business) (6)
6 Popular brand of yellow pens, razors and lighters (3)
8 Kay Carter, country music singer (5)
9 A dome atop a roof (6)
11 Adam's wife (3)
13 Jewish Meyer (4)
16 Archangel (7)
19 Of an item, only interesting because it's different (7)
22 The Nanny (4)
24 A shade of colour (3)
26 A Popular History of France (6)
29 Bar of metal (5)
30 Dirt (3)
31 The Tour de France finishes here (6)
2 Romanized form of Chinese Zhou (4)
3 Brand of energy drinks, bars, and cereals (4)
4 Capital of Chad (8)
5 Young buck made famous by Disney (5)
6 Something causing death (4)
7 Famous brand of cola (4)
9 A wheel having projections to transfer motion (3)
10 Bar (3)
12 Unit of electromotive force (4)
14 Become longer (8)
15 Type of bread (3)
17 Language of the Ainu people (4)
18 Sports umpire (3)
20 Elizabeth (3)
21 Up to now (3)
23 Beatles drummer (5)
24 Christian Anderson (4)
25 Blyton (4)
27 Not quite certain (4)
28 Long woodwind instrument (4)

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