Tuesday 4 March 2014

Crossword Puzzle - February 2014 Answers

Have you been tearing your hair out trying to get all the answers to the February 2014 crossword puzzle?

Well, be frustrated no more! Now, be prepared to kick yourself as you see the answers.

And here are your answers:

1 Substitute (9) surrogate
7 What you sow (4) reap
8 Handbag brand (5) Gucci
9 Mongrel (3) cur
10 Heritage of (6) deceit
12 Spirit board (5) Ouija
13 Stuart (3) Stu
14 Sex (4) shag
17 Get your attention (4) psst
20 For water or ashes (3) urn
21 Zuck's sister (5) Randi
22 Dainty (6) petite
24 Affirmative (3) yea
25 OS before 7 (5) vista
26 Zn (4) zinc
27 Of Deceits (9) Heritages
1 Take it to the moon (9) spaceship
2 reassemble (7) regroup
3 Colourful flowers (7) orchids
4 German sportswear company (6) Adidas
5 2004 Miss America (6) Ericka
6 Three Kings (4) Magi
11 Chops off (9) truncates
15 More than just a phone (7) handset
16 Capital of Guizhou province (7) Guiyang
18 Stabbing pain after excersise (6) stitch
19 Manuel (6) Trevor
23 It loses in the end (4) evil

Oops! Sorry about the typo in 8 Across! The original clue was Hangbag brand, where it should've been Handbag brand. *blush* It happens to the best of us, sometimes. Hope it wasn't the question that had you stumped. (If it was, please comment below).

It was also very sneaky to put those two questions about Heritage of Deceit in there. I figured that if you'd read the book, you would have gotten the answers. Quick show of hands: how many of you got those questions right? Did you read the book, or was it just logical to you?

Well, I hope you had fun with the February crossword. Come back on the last Tuesday of March for another one!

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