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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Crossword Puzzle - December 2014 Answers

Greetings from sunny Wellington, in the Western Cape!

How's your January going? Are you back in the swing of things at work, yet, or did you do what I did, and take leave in January, when everyone else was back at work?

So how was December's crossword puzzle? Too easy? Too difficult? Dying for the answers?

Well, wait no more, as your wish is my command:



1 Of Jesus Christ (6) gospel
3 With me, says the hymn (5) abide
5 Citizens of the Bible's "chosen nation" (8) Israelis
6 Era (3) age
7 Orthodox Christian symbol (4) ikon
9 Made with egg (3) nog
11 Prophetess from Kings and Chronicles (5) Hilda
12 Where people are imprisoned (5) goals
13 Jesus Christ (3) Son
15 What the song was (4) sung
16 Fuel for candles (3) wax
17 People suffering loss are doing this (8) grieving
18 A non-Muslim (5) Kafir
19 The Son is one of these (6) aspect


1 They stole Christmas (8) grinches
2 Mournful songs (8) elegiacs
4 Remain motionless and quiet (5) doggo
8 People given to finding faults (8) nigglers
10 Lamp heated with gas (8) gaslight
14 Third stomach (5) omasa

See you next week (27 January 2015) for the first crossword puzzle of 2015!

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