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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Crossword Puzzle - May 2015 Answers

Still struggling to complete the May 2015 Crossword Puzzle?

Well, if you want to keep struggling, I suggest that you close this page now, because the answers are in!



1 Preparer of food (4) cook
7 Pier (4) quay
8 Help (3) aid
9 Hard bench in church (3) pew
10 Snake from the Jungle Book (3) Kaa
12 Your father's brother (5) uncle
13 Gordimer (6) Nadine
15 Of the young (6) youthy
18 ... of your being (5) fibre
19 Mafia Boss (3) Don
21 ... you're it! (3) tag
22 Evil intelligent fantasy creature (3) orc
23 You don't want to find it in your apple (4) worm
24 Belonging to you (4) your


2 Dutch hill (5) kopje
3 "War is a Machine" (6) HAWKIN
4 Barbie Girl band (4) Aqua
5 Whisky and ..., the day the music died (3) rye
6 Tropical American agave plant (6) maquey
11 One less than two, Afrikaans (3) een
14 Latin for neediness or poverty (6) egency
16 Or best offer (abbr.) (3) OBO
17 Gossiping women (Yiddish) (6) yentas
18 An old-fashioned person (5) fogey
19 A lady (4) dame
20 It's company (3) two

So how was that for you? Too easy? Too difficult? Just right? I'd love to know your thoughts. Please let me know in the comments below.

See you next week, for the June 2015 puzzle!

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