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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Crossword Puzzle - September 2015 Answers

Anyone looking for answers to the September 2015 Crossword puzzle? You're welcome!


1 Using animals to treat medical conditions (10) zootherapy
3 On which a gun is mounted (6) turret
6 Jones (4) Nora
8 To get married (3) wed
9 Yoko (3) Ono
10 Independent (4) indy
12 Left-handed (6) leftie
13 Sun City (10) Heliopolis


1 Nothing (4) Zero
2 Tethered (5) yoked
4 Author of When Twins War (4) Ryan
5 One of the two longest rivers flowing entirely within Wales (4) Towy
6 Christmas Carol (4) Noel
7 Cluster or sequence of notes or chords used in a song (4) riff
9 That special quality (5) oomph
11 What a pity! (4) alas

See you next week, for a new puzzle.

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