Tuesday 1 January 2013

Crossword Puzzle for Your Frustration and Enjoyment

Happy New Year, everyone!

I thought we'd start 2013 off with a bang, and have a little bit of fun with this one. Here's a crossword puzzle I put together. When you think you have the answer, tweet me @GrahamDowns. The first person to get all the answers will get a mention from me, and I'll post the correct answers on this blog. If nobody gets it after an extended period of time, I'll post the answers here, and I win! :)

Here goes:

This crossword was created by Graham Downs with EclipseCrossword - www.eclipsecrossword.com

  5      6 
10      11 
12  13       
14  15 
16    17
18  1920 
    21  22   


  1. The general condition of a person's mind and body
  2. Not he
  3. A goddess in Sumerian mythology
  4. A digit
  5. To catch a fish
  6. A herb whose leaves and flowers are sometimes used to flavour food
  7. Titanium
  8. A small stem
  9. Mix green and blue into white
  10. A paved thoroughfare
  11. Organised conflict
  12. In contact with and supported by a surface
  13. Make a loud noise
  14. What happens to a fruit


  1. A levy imposed by the state
  2. The handle of a tool
  3. A point that sticks out
  4. Male pronoun
  5. Prevents from seeing
  6. A UNIX text editor
  7. IATA code for Dibrugarh Airport
  8. A sweetness designation of a dry sparkling wine
  9. Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Argon
  10. Period
  11. Produced by bees
  12. A loud noise from a wild animal
  13. Commune in the Nord department in northern France

This crossword puzzle was created by Graham Downs with EclipseCrossword. Try it today—it's free!

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