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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Bubbling Books?

This past weekend, somebody suggested in a writers group that I belong to, that I upload my book to a new site, called Bublish. I clicked, and had a look.

It seems like a pretty good idea, although creating my bubble wasn't as straightforward as I'd have liked. The service is still in Beta though, so I'm sure it'll get better and better.

The site allows readers to browse through book "bubbles", containing cover art, excerpts, insights from the authors, and buy links to take them directly to the book's page at the top-rated retailers.

Here's my bubble on the site:

The site also does a lot of work marketing their bubbles. I was featured twice yesterday in their tweet timeline, and again today in their "floating bookshelf".

I'm yet to see if it'll help me to sell more copies, but it's a novel concept, and I hope it takes off!

Update: To listen to me speaking about Bublish, click the Play button below:

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