Tuesday 13 August 2013

Review: Author 2.0 Blueprint

So I finally got around to reading the Author 2.0 Blueprint by Joanna Penn. You can get it for free just by subscribing to her blog at http://www.thecreativepenn.com/.

I'm afraid that I gushed. A lot.

I can't think of anything more to say, than what I already said in my review over on Goodreads, so I'm just going to copy that:

Wow! There's a lot of information in here to digest!

Joanna Penn talks candidly about what it takes to be an author in this brave new world of the Internet, in which we find ourselves. She calls the author of this Web 2.0 world the "Author 2.0", quite aptly, I'd say.

This short book explains everything you need to do to make a successful career out of writing, from writing (duh) to marketing, to business management. There are tons of links throughout, to useful articles, blog posts, podcasts and videos, most of them free. She also advertises her paid courses, for more indepth coverage of certain topics, but I'll forgive those plugs because the manual that she has written stands on its own perfectly well without them.

I'll definitely be going back to it time and time again as I progress on my journey as an author, and I'll be clicking on all those links that I simply didn't have time to click!

I really think that this free volume should be required reading for anyone serious about their writing journey!

Honestly, you wanna be a writer? Read this book!

Update: To listen to me speaking about the Author 2.0 Blueprint, click the Play button below:

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