Tuesday 22 April 2014

Crossword Puzzle - March 2014 Answers (Congratulations Denise Smith!)

Hi, there!

When I posted the March Crossword Puzzle on the 25th, I said that I would be giving you all an entire month to solve it, since it occurred to me that maybe a week (which you'd been accustomed to up until now) was a bit short.

As it turned out, the winner didn't need a month, because I received the answers from her the very next day! And the winner is... Denise Smith!

Denise won my January 2014 puzzle, if you'll recall, and she explained to me that the only reason she didn't win the February one, is because she missed it. She's since punched her e-mail address into the newsletter sign-up form on this page, so she never misses another issue. You might want to do the same.

Anyway, this woman is on fire. If you'd like to try your hand at beating her, check back next week. Well done, Denise! Here are your answers:

1 A Latin-American (6) Latino
3 Merged with Exxon in 1999 (5) Mobil
5 Counts down to something (5) timer
8 Fencing sword (6) rapier
12 About nothing (3) ado
13 Shows authenticity (8) hallmark
16 American war (3) Nam
17 Female sheep (3) ewe
18 Unit of current (3) amp
19 British exclamation (3) wot
22 Type of poem (3) ode
24 Booyens, South African race walker (3) Ada
25 Someone who can't swim does this (8) flounder
27 Electrically charged atom (3) ion
28 Annoying (6) irking
29 The Blade Runner (5) Oscar
31 Concubine (5) harem
32 Body art (6) tattoo
2 Water you can't drink (3) ice
4 Waters, arsonist (6) Briana
6 One thousandth of an inch (3) mil
7 It wasn't built in a day (4) Rome
9 A question (3) ask
10 Dutch cheese (4) Edam
11 One who frolics (6) romper
13 Island state (6) Hawaii
14 Having run away (4) AWOL
15 Do over (4) redo
20 A smell (4) odor
21 Carries oil (6) tanker
23 Europeans not in the UK use it (4) euro
25 What I hope this puzzle is (3) fun
26 What's up? (Bugs) (3) doc
30 Military rank (3) Sgt

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