Tuesday 8 April 2014

Pre-order Stingers, get Heritage of Deceit Free

Are you being bullied? Or, are you a parent who's afraid that your child is being, or might be bullied? Maybe you are or were a bully yourself?

If the answer to any of these questions is Yes, then you, my friend, might enjoy the new novelette by Graham Downs, Stingers. Here's the synopsis:

James is always being picked on in school, and he particularly hates Stingers, a schoolyard game in which children throw tennis balls at each other in an attempt to cause as much pain as possible. His physical education teacher, Mr Evans, has no sympathy for the boy, believing he just needs to toughen up a bit.

When James returns home from school after a rough game of Stingers, his mother is mortified when she sees the bruises on his arm and chest. She phones the school to try and put a stop to the cruel bullying of her son.

But her phone call only makes things worse, as the bullying escalates to levels that nobody imagined possible.

Sound like your cup of tea? Graham Downs' new book, Stingers, officially releases on 16 June 2014, but you can reserve your copy today! Click here to find out how.

Now, do you also like office thrillers, with a little bit of romance on the side? How about stories about artefacts from old genocides? Well then, you might also enjoy the previous novelette by Graham Downs, entitled Heritage of Deceit. Check this out:
While surfing the Internet at work, Lloyd believes he's found a relic from an old genocide. If he's right, the artefact would be worth a ton of money, and it will give lots of people closure when they find out what really happened to their families.

But there's one problem. The artefact--if it really exists--is in the possession of Carla, a shy woman in the company's Accounts Department, and she never lets it out of her sight.

Lloyd seeks the help of his friend and fellow employee, Robert, whom Carla is desperately in love with. Will Robert agree to use Carla's feelings for him to get information about the mysterious object?

Here's the good news: until Stingers releases on 16 June, you can get both these books, for the price of one!

All you have to do is pre-order Stingers at one of the fine stores on this page, and forward your pre-order receipt to preorders@grahamdowns.co.za. You will receive an e-mail from Smashwords, with one free gift of Heritage of Deceit at Smashwords. The e-mail will contain instructions on how to create an account (if you don't already have one), and download your ebook in the format that you prefer.

Already read Heritage of Deceit? No problem! Just let me know in your e-mail, and I'll send you a gift from Smashwords, for A Petition to Magic at Smashwords, instead!

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