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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Crossword Puzzle - May 2015

So I made a concerted effort this month to make my clues as easy as possible; I was beginning to get the idea that they've been far too difficult of late, and that's why people haven't been entering.

If this is your first time, welcome! Here's how it works: Solve this puzzle before Tuesday 23 June 2015, and e-mail me your answers. On the 23rd of June, I will post the answers on this blog. If you were the first person to send me yours, I'll publish your name in that post, along with a link to your website, Twitter profile, blog, or whatever other online presence you would like.

Sound fair? Here we go:


1 Preparer of food (4)
7 Pier (4)
8 Help (3)
9 Hard bench in church (3)
10 Snake from the Jungle Book (3)
12 Your father's brother (5)
13 Gordimer (6)
15 Of the young (6)
18 ... of your being (5)
19 Mafia Boss (3)
21 ... you're it! (3)
22 Evil intelligent fantasy creature (3)
23 You don't want to find it in your apple (4)
24 Belonging to you (4)


2 Dutch hill (5)
3 "War is a Machine" (6)
4 Barbie Girl band (4)
5 Whisky and ..., the day the music died (3)
6 Tropical American agave plant (6)
11 One less than two, Afrikaans (3)
14 Latin for neediness or poverty (6)
16 Or best offer (abbr.) (3)
17 Gossiping women (Yiddish) (6)
18 An old-fashioned person (5)
19 A lady (4)
20 It's company (3)

Remember, I'll be posting the answers on Tuesday, 23 June 2015.

Ready? Set? Go!

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