Tuesday 5 May 2015

Results of 2015 E-Book Piracy Survey

For the whole of last month (April 2015), I ran a survey where I asked people four different questions about their e-book piracy habits. Here are the results:

Have you pirated an e-book in the last twelve months?

I got a total of twenty-five responses to this question. Four people said that yes, they had pirated an e-book in the last twelve months.

Why do you pirate e-books?

This question was only answered by people who answered Yes to the above question. Two people said they did it because the e-books they wanted weren't legally available in their country of residence, and another two said it was because they felt the prices of e-books were too high.

One person said that pirating e-books was more convenient than obtaining them legally, and another said it was a moral or ethical decision to pirate e-books instead of paying for them.

Have you ever pirated one of my e-books?

Hooray for me! Not a single respondent said yes to this question. I must be doing something right!

Which of my e-books have you pirated?

This question was supposed to only be answered by people who answered Yes to the previous question. Nonetheless, one person who filled in this survey, said that they had pirated Heritage of Deceit

Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey. I promise to use your responses to inform the way I market and sell my books, moving forward.

If you missed the survey, I'd still like to hear your responses. Please post your comments below, and let me know what you think.

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