Tuesday 13 September 2016

"Animals: Premium Children's Colouring Books" has Arrived. And it is Beautiful!

Way back in June, I announced that my wife and I had published a colouring book for children, called Animals: Premium Children's Colouring Books.

I published it through the print-on-demand service, Lulu.com, and ordered proofs.

The proofs finally arrived this past Thursday, and I took some photos. Aren't they beautiful?

I sold one to one of my work colleagues on Friday, for his four-year-old son. He came back to me yesterday (Monday), to say that his son loved it, and has in fact already coloured in two pictures!

Want a Copy?

If you've got young children (up to, I would say, about seven) who enjoy colouring, I urge you to consider picking up a copy.

Right now, you can order copies from Lulu, but in the coming weeks I'm hoping that it will start showing up in more and more online retailers' catalogues, so with any luck you'll be finding it in your favourite store soon!

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