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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Who is Shaun du Plessis, and what is Shaun's Table?

Two weeks ago, I posted a giveaway on this blog. Readers could win a free e-book copy of Tales From Virdura.

The giveaway was a success with three entries, and last week I posted the winner on my Twitter account:
The winner is chef Shaun du Plessis, a chef from Gauteng. He runs a website called Shaun's Table, where you can sign up for cooking classes. If you own (or are thinking of starting) a restaurant, he also offers consultations to help your business with kitchen planning, menu costing, and the like.

If you're in Gauteng or Mpumulanga, you should definitely go check him out.

I can't personally vouch for his cooking skills, but anyone who reads my books has got to be an amazing person, right?

Anyway, I am honoured that a chef with his own business chose to enter a giveaway by an insignificant author like me. It seems like things are looking up.

Thanks for your entry, chef!

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