Tuesday 11 April 2017

Meet Hilda, of the Alberton Public Library

A few weeks ago, I donated some of my books to the Alberton Public Library, and I'm very proud to announce those books have now been included in their catalogue.

I took a trip to the library on Saturday to meet up with Hilda, the wonderful lady who made this possible. She's in charge of taking on new stock for the library, and this woman is passionate about South African authors!

She agreed to pose for the photo you see above, holding up two of my books: Heritage of Deceit and A Petition to Magic. I'm holding Stingers.

We're standing in front of the South African authors' display at the library. The brainchild of Hilda, it's going to be a central place where works by contemporary SA authors are showcased... and mine will of course be on those shelves.

I also snapped a pic of the inside of Stingers, now that it's been catalogued, stamped, and is ready for borrowing. How cool is that?

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