Tuesday 20 June 2017

Buddy Ads - Support Your Local Communities

I discovered something over the weekend. Well, actually, I've known for some time, but I only bothered to take the time to investigate this weekend.

My church distributes a monthly "classifieds" pamphlet at all its services. The pamphlet is put together by an organisation called Buddy Adverts, and my church isn't the only church it gets distributed to.

I decided to go take a look at what it costs to advertise, because as a local author in the community, I thought it'd be a good fit.

It costs R50 ($3.91) a month for a text-only classified ad. The ad runs for the whole month, gets distributed to the congregants of all the participating churches, and is visible on the Buddy Adverts website. Plus, you never pay more than R400 (~$31), so if you book for a whole year, you basically get four months free.

I think that's a fantastic deal, plus, it makes me feel good to support the church and my community.

I took out an ad for July 2017. If it goes well, I'll be renewing it. Here's my ad:

Heading: Local Independent Author
Body Text: Independent author from Alberton. Colouring books and fiction in various genres. E-books and paperbacks available.
Contact Info: Visit www.grahamdowns.co.za or e-mail graham@grahamdowns.co.za

The churches they distribute to are:

  • Brackenhurst Methodist
  • Alberton Methodist
  • Brackendowns Baptist
  • St Paul's United
  • The Bush Church
Obviously, Buddy Adverts won't be suitable for everyone because you may not fall inside that community. But the point is that, as small business owners desperately looking to advertise, you shouldn't discount these local community-driven opportunities.

What about you? Do you have a small business, and if so, have you ever considered advertising in a community-driven publication?

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