Tuesday 27 June 2017

Short Story MEGA Giveaway

Who wants free short stories? Well, you've come to the right place. Welcome to the short story MEGA giveaway!

Simply click on one of these book covers, follow the instructions, and claim your free book. It's that simple.

These giveaways run from now until 7 July. Some of them may still be active after that date, but that's when this promotion "officially" ends. Also, some of them might require that you sign up for the authors' mailing lists, and others may not. It's a mixed bag. Take your chances. :-)

In case you can't make out the covers, these are the books that we're giving away:

  • A Petition to Magic, by Graham Downs
  • An African Soccer Story, by Evadeen Brickwood
  • Environmentally Friendly, by Elias Zanbaka
  • One Mississippi... Two Mississippi, by Duane Lindsay
  • Lassiter, by J.T. Dusky
  • Nefarious: Volume One, by Lucille Moncrief
  • Honor the Suffering, by Lucille Moncrief
  • Changeling Fog, by Nicola McDonagh
  • From Beyond Comics: Primer
  • The Seven O'Clock Man, by Kate Heartfield
  • No Option to Fail, by N. R. Hairston

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