Wednesday 28 February 2018

Email From A Vampire, by Nigel Cooper (Book Review)

This story's plot was very good. Original too, I thought. A vampire sends a journalist an e-mail out of the blue, promising to share his life story with her. It takes her a while to come around, but she eventually does, and starts publishing his story. Other things start happening, involving more vampires showing up. I enjoyed it.

I was going to mention that the writing needs some serious work. That, although good, the book was easily skimmable and could have been half the length without losing any substance. That there's plenty of redundancy, loads of tell and very little show, and a gross overuse of exclamation marks. Those things were going to drop my rating to three stars.

And then I read the final chapter. Wow. I don't want to give it away, but that final chapter was so unexpected, so mind-blowing, so (relatively) well-written that it's hard to believe it came from the same author as the rest of the book.

If you love vampires, but don't want them to sparkle, or if you're tired of the parnormal fantasy fodder of today, when vampire-meets-girl and they proceed to screw each other's brains out for the remainder of the story, you should pick up this book.

About the Book

Love, desire and a trail of cold-blooded murders ...

Tania de Pré is an ordinary journalist looking for her next big story. But when she receives an email from the mysterious, erudite and deeply sensual Tristan Syhier Burnel - a man alleging himself to be a thousand-year old vampire who wants her to publish his life story - she is plunged into a world of murder, intrigue and overwhelming sexual desire.

Teaming up with DI Maldini and his CSI team, Tania and Tristan find themselves on the trail of a malevolent bloodsucker, who will stop at nothing to ensure that the secrets of vampirism remain underground ...

Dark, stylish, romantic and sexy, Email From A Vampire will do for London what True Blood did for Louisiana.

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