Tuesday 27 February 2018

I Broke Kobo With Memoirs of a Guardian Angel!

The pre-order of Memoirs of a Guardian Angel went live on Friday afternoon. It was hectic for me, as I got together all my marketing material and blasted various Facebook groups with the announcement. I posted it on my Facebook Author Page and my Twitter account, and hurried to get my website updated.

I even posted a Facebook Ad, using the following image:

And then I tried to forget about it, went to go watch some TV, and went to bed.

That was the plan, anyway, but naturally, I couldn't stop checking my rankings.

Then, while I was on Saturday, the most amazing thing happened. I looked at Kobo, and Memoirs of a Guardian Angel was suddenly #1 in both its categories, and #2 overall!

What's more, when I looked at Kobo's homepage, and scrolled about halfway down the page, I saw "Coming Soon in eBook". And there was my beloved book, second on the list.

On Sunday morning, my wife was checking on her cellphone, and found the following:

Yip. Not only was Memoirs of a Guardian Angel now the top book on Kobo's "Coming Soon" list, it had suddenly become the #1 book in "Trending Now", with prime visibility on the homepage!

I still don't know how that happened, because I've never trended that high on any store, in the history of my self-publishing career. 

The rank has obviously slipped quite a bit by now, but by writing this blog post and sharing these screenshots, I have firmly established this moment as the first time in history that any of my books have ever cracked the number one spot, anywhere.

If you'd like to take a look at Memoirs of a Guardian Angel, and maybe buy a copy for yourself, click here to see it on Amazon, Google Play, or Kobo. I'll be putting the price up every week between now and launch on 6 April, so the sooner you decide, the cheaper it'll be.

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