Tuesday 8 May 2018

Are You Feeling Lucky? Memoirs of a Guardian Angel Paperback Now Available

The long-awaited paperback edition of Memoirs of a Guardian Angel is now live, and you can get 50% off the price for the next six weeks or so.

Click here, or on the cover image below, to buy it from Lulu:

I haven't proofed it yet, so one of two things will happen: if it's right, you'll have gotten a fantastic deal. If it isn't, and I have to upload a new version, you'll have gotten yourself a very limited edition collectors' item! ;-)

In case you haven't seen it yet, here's the blurb:

Do you believe in Guardian Angels?

Have you thanked your Guardian Angel today?

I never did... now I wish I had.

Now I understand the hard work and difficult situations they face every day. That car that veered off course, the knife that slipped or even the close call when you nearly tumbled from a tree. 

It wasn't good luck that saved you, it was me.

My name is Adam and I'm a guardian angel. 

I loved this book - fantastic premise and great execution. - Christine Bernard, author of the paranormal thriller, Will

I woke up super early one morning to finish it so I wouldn’t be tempted to read it at work. Well done. - Angelique Pacheco

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