Tuesday 12 June 2018

Let Me Know: Where Do You Buy Your Paperbacks?

I ordered a proof copy of Memoirs of a Guardian Angel from Lulu on 6 April. Because it's coming from the states, and our postal service isn't the best in the world, I haven't gotten it yet. It should be coming soon, though--hopefully within the next week or so.

As soon as it arrives, I'll check it for errors, and hopefully the layout and format will be right. If so, I'll approve it for distribution, and it will start showing up in bookstores all over the world in a few weeks.

That got me thinking: since I haven't personally read a book in print in a really long time, I'm completely out of the loop with where people shop for them these days.

I think here in South Africa, Exclusive Books is by far the most popular bookstore, but I've also heard good things about Book Depository because they offer free international shipping on all their orders, all the time. Loot also seems to be quite popular.

Internationally, though, is Amazon still king?

Where do you buy your print books from? Let me know in the comments, and let's start a conversation.

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