Tuesday 4 September 2018

Killer Space Clown by Eli Taff, Jr. (Book Review)

I love me some flash fiction! Especially of the horror kind, and this collection features some of the better-written stories I've read.

It contains ten flash fiction stories, each one guaranteed to be exactly 500 words in length. Which is not an easy thing to do: guaranteeing less than 500 is one thing; guaranteeing exactly 500 is quite another. I really appreciate the craftsmanship here.

As you go through the stories, you start to get a sense that they're all connected in some way. Perhaps set in the same universe. Initially, though, that connection is quite subtle, but as the stories progress, it becomes really obvious. Obviously, a lot of thought went into the order of stories in this collection.

And that universe is really compelling. I think this author might just end up being a modern-day Lovecraft. If you like weird horror, you're sure to love this.

My Review: 4 / 5 Stars

About the Book

This spooky anthology by Eli Taff, Jr. is a collection of ten flash fiction stories packed with cosmic horror and unbelievable terror that will keep you on the edge of your seat and have you sleeping with the lights on.

The evil clown that steps out of a childhood memory and kills with a touch; the terrified mother who finds a monster in her daughter's bedroom; the unfaithful businessman who gets off the subway at the wrong stop; the gangster who robs the wrong old lady on the wrong night.

Each microfiction horror story is exactly five hundred words long, and one or more can be easily devoured in a single sitting.

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