Tuesday 18 September 2018

Selling Print Books in Person

Even though I don't read many (or any) print books anymore, having graduated to e-books, there's something really special about selling a print book in person and signing it for the buyer.

Even better is when, having read the book they bought, the person asks to buy more copies to give as gifts to friends.

And that's what happened to me on Saturday. A friend of mine bought a copy of the paperback of Memoirs of a Guardian Angel a few months ago, and loved it so much that, not only did she buy a copy of Stingers from me, she asked for another copy of Memoirs for a friend!

And of course, I signed Stingers for her, and Memoirs for her friend.

I tell you, words cannot explain how good that feels.

Have you ever bought a self-published book, directly from the author? If not, why not? You should try it sometime; you will never know what a confidence boost it is for the author.

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