Tuesday 27 November 2018

Why Do Traditional Published Books Cost So Much?

Take a look at Amazon's Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store.

Do you think you could separate the self-published titles from the traditionally published ones?

I think you could.

With very few exceptions, you probably aren't going to find a self-published e-book with a regular (non-promotional) price of over $5. Conversely, very few traditionally published e-books will have a regular (non-promotional) price of less than $10.

Conventional wisdom tells us that's because traditional publishing companies have to pay for professional editing, cover design, and marketing... Hmm, but don't indie publishers also pay for all those things?

The truth is, traditional publishers have to pay staff and shareholders. They pay their authors too, of course: 20% royalties, twice a year.

But for the same amount of work, self-published authors earn 60% royalties, monthly. And as a reader, don't you want to see your favourite author make money? Maybe even quit his or her day job one day?

Next time you're looking for an e-book, take a look at price. Instead of paying $9.99 for your next read, is it not possible you'll get more bang for your buck, and do more good for authors, by buying two great reads for $4.99 each?

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