Tuesday 17 December 2019

What to do with Graham's Super-secret Readers' Circle?

A few years ago, all the authors I knew were talking about Facebook Groups. At the time, someone suggested creating a secret Facebook group and making membership in it a perk of signing up to an author's email list.

That's exactly what I did, and Graham's Super-secret Readers' Group was born.

The idea was that if you signed up to my mailing list, you got an email with the link to that group, and when you applied to join the group, you had to confirm your email address to prove you belonged to my list.

All well and good, but the thing is, I never really knew what to do with it. Over the years, people have joined and left, and others have joined and left, and at the time of this writing, we have the grand total of 10 (count 'em) members!

In 2020, I want to really start showing the group some love! Some of the things I'm thinking of include:
  • Fun games to play
  • A monthly competition where you can win gift cards/vouchers to your favourite ebookstores
  • The opportunity to hear about cool stuff, even before the rest of my email list
  • Really exclusive cool stuff that the rest of my email list never hears about
  • Anything else I can think of... or anything you can
What do you think, dear reader? Are you in?

To get your invitation to Graham's Super-secret Readers' Circle, click the image below to sign up for my mailing list.

Happy reading!

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