Tuesday 16 January 2018

I Have a New Book Coming: Memoirs of a Guardian Angel

Well, I guess the cat's out of the bag.

This December, I finished a draft of a book I've been working on since mid-2016. This week, it's with Alpha Readers, after which changes will be made, and it'll go into Beta.

I was hoping to announce it sometime in February, and aim for release around April or so, but on Friday, the W24.co.za Books Editor tweeted a bunch of indie authors. She intended to write an article on upcoming books for 2018, and wanted to know if any of us had books coming out this year.

What could I say?

The article's now been published, and you can read it here (or click the image below). There are a whole bunch of books coming this year by some great authors, including a couple of friends of mine. Go check it out.

The book in question is called Memoirs of a Guardian Angel, and here's the preliminary blurb:

Do you believe in Guardian Angels? 

When he was alive, Adam was one of the few people who did. Now he's one himself. From teen suicides to professional assassins, Adam discovers what it's like to deal with the harsh realities of humanity, from the other side of the fence.

There's no cover yet, but the book's up on Goodreads if you want to mark it as "Want to Read" so long.

Watch this space!

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