Tuesday 9 January 2018

Stingers is a Set Work Again!

This year, I am very pleased to announce that Stingers, my novelette about bullying in High School, has once again been selected as a Grade 9 English set work at a local school here in Alberton!
The Grade 9's did it last year, and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Apparently, one of the students--a macho boy--even went up to the teacher and said something to the effect of "Yoh, Ma'am. I never knew bullying could go so far!"
It's about a thirteen-year-old High School boy, who is severely bullied, and one day the bullying actually lands him in hospital.
If you have kids around 14 to 15 or so, or even younger kids whom you consider mature readers (although there is some violence and bad language in it), maybe they'd enjoy it too?


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